Reducing reoffending

Reducing reoffending

HMP Addiewell is a learning prison, where residents can address their offending behaviour and the circumstances which led to their imprisonment through Purposeful Activity.  Undertaking purposeful activities of an educational, counselling, work or other nature and family contact whilst in prison is a fundamental element of the rehabilitation process.

Purposeful Activity

At HMP Addiewell we have designed our Purposeful Activity offer to create a learning environment that supports our resident’s personal growth in response to their identified needs.  Our aim is to provide our residents with the skills, knowledge and qualifications to enable them to reintegrate into their community successfully upon liberation. The hope is that all of the residents currently residing within Addiewell will re-enter society, therefore we strive to prepare them for a positive destination whether that be full time employment or further education which will significantly reduce their chances of re-offending.

Addiewell offers 40 hours of purposeful activity per resident, per week and is divided into three main areas:

  • Learning and Skills
  • Employment
  • Programmed Interventions

We also adopt an effective Peer Support Model, where residents are identified for support roles throughout the prison. They act as positive role models for fellow offenders and assist staff in the delivery of classes, programmes, sports activities, induction and offender support services.

Case Management within Addiewell means the approach to the assessment, planning, implementation, review and coordination of access to a range of services for any Resident. Case management provides the roadmap for transition back to the community and requires strong coordination and collaboration among key stakeholders in both the prison and the community.

Case management will place the resident at the centre of a whole system approach and will focus upon what happens after release in addition to what happens in prison. The case management process will be a conduit for all aspects of the residents” journey” from admission to their return to the community, linking in with Health Care, education, work parties and Offending Behaviour Programmes.

Healthcare, like with all prisons in Scotland, is provided by the NHS.


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Public Service Pledge

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